This is how it’s done.

A Learning Ladder Get Together.

Maybe you personally like to host Learning Ladder get togethers because you can’t get enough books and games for your children’s library at next to nothing.

Maybe, you have been to one or two and like to buy for the kids there, preferring to shop at a friends home rather than being out and about, rushed between appointments and chasing the children around the bookstore (if you’re anything like me, you really only enjoy shopping in public when solo).

Or you might already know the best way to get free books, games, toys and puzzles (or overseas trips) and have become a Learning Ladder advisor.

But if you have never seen one done, never even knew that this kind of shopping at home went on, then let me share.

I had a get together at my home last Friday. I was the host and the advisor. This kind of multitasking is fun for me because I enjoy the best of both worlds (think champagne). I do this every time a new catalogue comes out so that I can share it first with my dear friends and customers. I raffle off a great prize pack, we drink some bubbly and have a couple of hours enjoying each other’s company.

What I love about doing get togethers is that we can open up all the books and games to explore them, we play a few games, have a rather big giggle at each other and I can tell you guys why I love the range. I can share with you what these games have done to help with Miss Mimi’s development, self esteem and passion for even more learning. We chat, we play, we laugh and see. And if something catches your eye that you know your child will adore, you buy.

All you need is a few friends over who are passionate about making learning fun for their children. Then add me (or your favourite LL advisor). Pick your freebies at the end and wha la! It’s a Learning Ladder Get Together.

Now, I was supposed to be taking photos of our get together all night but we were having so much fun that I forgot until the very end and after nearly everyone had left! But you can sort of see above what goes on.

Thank-you for coming  girls. I am so excited to have shared the newest additions with you. Now to show more mums this week.

Have a great Sunday! xo


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