New Stuff!! (please excuse the pics, once again)

Check out some of the great new products that I have in my hot my little hands from our August catalogue. Miss Mimi and I are having a great big laugh reading our new ‘Whose Bottom?’ board book with a lift the flap concept.

There is a selection of Whose books from ‘Whose Stripes?’ to ‘Whose Nose?’ Miss Mimi already has a few of these but in paperback, I am loving them in the board book.

‘Ready, Steady, Grow!’ for quick and easy gardening projects that you and the kids can do together. If you have the space, there is an awesome idea for planting a ‘Fairy Ring’, but if you’re more like us with no garden room then there are still many great ideas for planting your own flowers or herbs or produce. I can’t wait to grab some potting soil, line a cardboard box with a bin liner and plant away. How eco-friendly! With the most gorgeous photography and lay outs that DK is famous for, I am most impressed with this book.

‘Playtime’ explains how children learn and communicate through play and what easy things you can do to make this a happy and rewarding experience for you both. All sorts of games and ideas for children aged 1-5 as well as babies. Needless to say I adore this book.

‘Super Hero Phonics Flashcards’ are linked with our new Super Hero Readers. I didn’t know what Miss Mimi would think of these but after showing her the 52 cards, not testing her but just saying the letters and talking together about the sounds they make, I have discovered that reading aloud is really paying off. Includes notes for parents, stickers and a set of tricky word cards to help build vocabulary.

I have more stock coming, I can’t wait to share. Why not book a get together with me in August or September and get some of these books for free? I know you’ll love it!


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