They used to be ‘just blocks’ to me

Not anymore. I can spot an open ended play thing just waiting to be turned into a myriad of fun games and I can spot them from a mile away now. I didn’t become that way the day I became a mother, it took me quite some time, but with a lot of help from an imaginative daughter, I look at things rather differently now.

A Learning Ladder friend of mine and I took part in the Caulfield Baby and Kids Market yesterday to promote the business. In between working, we couldn’t seem to resist buying things for our children. A bargain is a bargain! Deb scored herself a whole heap of clothes for her little girl (for next to nothing) and I found some gorgeous plain blocks for Miss Mimi.

Those brightly coloured, different sized blocks caught my eye immediately and I knew Miss Mimi would love them. Not just because she already loves to build castles, stacking things and making cities for her animals but because of the heap of new ideas I knew would just come to her. When I gave her those blocks, her eyes lit up. Then I sat back to watch the magic that is my child’s imagination.

Miss Mimi organised a park with a massive slide and a see-saw where Dragon played with his friends. There was a lounge room where Dragon watched tele. Soon Miss Mimi used the blocks as stepping stones to cross crocodile invested rivers. There was a lot of chit chat going on!

After awhile, I fell asleep on the couch with a smile on my dial. She played with those  blocks for an hour and a half. Thanks to Sydney for selling them to me, 12 bucks well spent.


2 thoughts on “They used to be ‘just blocks’ to me

  1. You can never have enough blocks because there will always be new ways to lay with them 🙂

    And, what a bargain!!

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