Honey Joy(ous) fun

This week I gave Miss Mimi some very easy (barely messy) cooking chores in my attempt to keep the ball rolling with her helping me out in the kitchen. Her tiny little hands went about pouring, measuring and mixing.

Check out what we made. Honey Joys! I haven’t had these in the longest time and although they were dairy free for Miss Mimi, they were still delicious.

Not exactly healthy little morsels, but oh so good.

I ripped off Not Quite Nigella’s recipe because I’m useless in the kitchen. I just used Nuttelex instead of butter. Lorraine (of Not Quite Nigella) is a little bit funny too which helped to neutralise my stress levels whilst cooking with Miss Unco(ordinated)

And we didn’t burn anything….bonus!

Check out what all the other mums are doing this week.

We play ‘link up’


3 thoughts on “Honey Joy(ous) fun

  1. I love these too, but whenever I think of making them I am always one ingredient short!

    We are still cooking at our house, and I post every Thursday something special we have been up to. Usually Princess is involved, and these days she tend to direct what is going to be cooked (I’m pretty sure tomorrow is her decision to cook meatballs instead of bolognese sauce).

    How is Miss Mimi enjoying the cooking?

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