Water Play

When you have an army of friends that are constantly being shoved in and out of baskets, dragged along into different rooms and that are involved in your role playing all day long, it’s only fitting that they be allowed to chill out and be pampered once in a while too.

This afternoon I set Miss Mimi up with a bubble bath and a sponge so that she could give her friends a wash and so that I could get some work done without my helper. This isn’t really a good game for getting anything productive done as I can’t stop listening to what she is saying..

Miss Mimi: “Do you want to have a bath today Scuttles?’ (a Littlest Pet Shop cat)

Scuttles (in Miss Mimi’s high pitched voice): ‘Yes please!”

Miss Mimi: ‘Well, actually, you can’t have one right now because Syd came first. Go and wait over there’

Scuttles dissapointed: ‘Oh..’

Miss Mimi starts washing Syd, humming something quietly.

Miss Mimi: ‘OK Syd, two more minutes then it’s time to get out, the bath is getting cold, you can’t stay in there forever you know! Good boy, I am so proud of you.’

It’s always a little bit like looking into a mirror when you hear your child involved in their own role playing conversations. Sometimes it raises an eyebrow or two.

Now that the play has gone from relaxing bathing to a splashy mess, I will need to go and gather even more towels to start operation ‘Dry that floor’.

So much for getting any work done..


10 thoughts on “Water Play

  1. Sometimes I absolutley cringe as I hear my own words coming out of Princess’ mouth! It’s amazing the things they pick up on!

    Looks like a great activity to occupy Little Helpers. Princess loves to wash her bath toys before she washes herself in the bath, so I am sure she would love to do this 🙂

  2. 😀 I remember babysitting one of my nieces many many years ago, she would have been about 3 years old and this was back when I didn’t think I would be able to have children and knew *very little* about children or what they need. I had no idea what to do with this little girl so we got all grandmas ornaments down off the shelves and washed them at the kitchen table.

    Nothing broke and we had lots of fun. Think that was the point where I started figuring out that children like playing with messy things.

  3. It is always funny to hear your own child repeating those same words (tone, pitch and all) that you say to them. My son gives his spiderman time-outs ocasionally and telling it off exactly the way he is being told off by us!

  4. I too love listening to the little conversations my 2 year old has as she plays, though I too sometimes cringe at what I hear, LOL.

    Isn’t it amazing what a difference adding water makes to a child’s play.

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