A fabulous find!

Willson, from Married for Life (in Melbourne West) has had me jumping for joy this morning after sharing an awesome blog find: Little Eats!

It’s a blog dedicated to reviewing child friendly cafes and restaurants in the Melbourne area. It’s so exciting to me because, once upon a time, The Daddy and I were always out and about trying new cafes and restaurants (BC: before child that is). Now we rarely brave going out with our little whirlwind of a child to eat. So finding a blog with the groundwork already done for me with not one local child friendly place to chill out in but dozens, has given me a case of nostalgia. Maybe lazy Sunday brunches will be possible once again? Just maybe…

I can’t wait for The Daddy to get back from golf today so we can go and check out a few local places, ok we might just start with one, but you see how excited I am! What a great tool blog land is.


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