Join in July and become a Gary Mehigan.

If, in between tantrums and toilet training, you are trying to learn every trick of the trade on Masterchef’s ‘Master Class’ just so that you can look like you have some sort of chef-like talent in your kitchen, well you’re in luck!

When you join my Learning Ladder team in July and you come and party with us at the new catalogue launch on July 23rd in Melbourne (there are Australia wide launches, just ask me for dates) –  you will receive Gary Mehigan’s ‘Comfort Food’ absolutely free. Impress your friends with Gary’s lip smackin’ recipes that don’t require liquid nitrogen baths and vacuum out the air machines (clearly I am not chef material).

If you have an urge to spread the word about the benefits of reading aloud to children and you would like it to be your business and for it to provide you with an income, then I want to talk to you. I need serious people who seriously love having fun. And in July when you join and attend launch you go into the draw to win a free Home Business Starter Kit. A free business? Why not?!

Email me at to organise a chat.


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