Colour her happy!

I like mixing colours. I like the fact that I can make whatever colour I dare. Maybe I fell in love with playing around with colour in hairdressing school. Maybe I had some leftover love of it from when I was a kid and we were encouraged to experiment with mixing. It probably doesn’t matter to Miss Mimi why I like doing it, she just likes that I occasionally let her have a turn at mixing colours.

We have been playing around with making secondary colours for a while now. We talk about what colour our new batch of play-dough will be. We mix paints in our paint pots to see what we can come up with and while Miss Mimi has a keen interest in mastering which primary colours make a secondary, she has just recently started to experiment further and delve into tertiary colours. With her interest and curiosity craving to learn I would be crazy if I didn’t do as much as I could to teach her even more.

The latest way to mix was inspired after The Daddy left a cute looking bottle out to recycle.

We agreed that green would look the part in this bottle because Miss Mimi thought that it resembled a pear. We threw in a dash of yellow food colouring and I got a bit heavy handed with the blue….and yes that blue food colouring on the wooden chopping board above is going to take ages to get off!

The green was too dark. After learning a valuable lesson on ‘less is more’ (and shade) we tried another colour.

Mixing in a small amount of yellow and red gave us Miss Mimi’s second favourite colour right now (I wonder if there will come a day when pink isn’t her favourite)

Behold the beautiful orange! Check out the face of happiness..

Favourite colour is purple myself. You?


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