We Play ‘Chef’

A few weeks back Miss Mimi announced that she would like to be a chef. Though I will never forget that conversation because it was the first one we had ever had about occupations, I have to admit that this new interest, no matter how short lived it will or wont be, gave me anxiety. See I like to encourage whatever my daughter’s interests are by talking more about the subject or giving her specific items that suit that particular passion to use in her open ended play, but cooking?

Now, as much as I try to involve Miss Mimi in the household chores and allowing her some responsibilty, I have to admit that I can’t stand it when she helps me in the kitchen. Horrid aren’t I? I hate cleaning up the mess because she makes one hell of a big one and she usually drops things and breaks plates. Yes, yes, I know that I should give her age appropriate cooking utensils and show her the way and encourage these little efforts in a bid to help with her coordination, I get it. But I don’t particularly like cooking on the best of days so having a little helper in the kitchen, just isn’t ideal for me.

This week, I bit the bullet. Miss Mimi helped me make gluten free muffins, which was useful for early numeracy skills (she didn’t know what a 1/4 cup was previously) Then she helped me prepare chicken schnitzels (more of the gluten free variety), she was most perplexed that she was allowed to touch raw meat when it’s usually forbidden but after a bit of nudging she was on her way. She used her memory recall to dunk, dip and smother the schnitzel with the right ingredients. She discovered a few different textures and had a ball. As for me, well, I survived.

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8 thoughts on “We Play ‘Chef’

  1. haha…..now the question is…did Miss Mimi enjoy eating all that food she prepared? That is a sure way to get fussy eaters to taste, if not devour, their dinner!

  2. we’ve been doing lots of cooking too, must be something in the air! LOL

    Princess, however, wants to be a fire-fighting, librarian, kindergarten teacher mumma who can fly a plane! Yes, she has big dreams LOL

  3. I struggle so much with letting my girls help in the kitchen, my need for perfection really wars with their need to be creative.

    My youngest always asks if she can be ‘the cooker’, we are working on the term ‘chef’ 🙂

  4. I used to be much more uptight about my sons helping in the kitchen, because I didn’t really enjoy cooking and so I’d get frustrated when things went wrong (as they do with young helpers). But I started making packet mix cakes with my sons, so that they could cook with me. Since there is hardly room for error I could focus on enjoying it. And once we found our groove from doing that, I can let them help with whatever they like now.

  5. Great job letting her help. There is so much learning that goes on when children cook and do other things around the house as well. We do not give our children enough opportunities to participate. Again, GREAT JOB!

  6. I like you, despise cooking and try to be in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible when it comes to mealtimes. I am much more comfortable cooking with toddler help when it is a special, planned experience which I have the time and patience for! LOL

    Good on you for giving it a go.

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