The Little Big Book Club.

I have found another favourite website. I certainly do have many favourites and it’s funny, even though I spend a bit of time online, Miss Mimi has never really been enticed by the wonders that the world wide web has to offer kids…until today.

Today, I saw that a friend over on Facebook, Mel, had become a fan of a new page with the name “The Little Big Book Club” I wasn’t sure what it was so I took a cyber stroll over to find the most delightful non profit organisation whose aim is to reach parents and children all over Australia no matter what their age and no matter where they live to share stories. There are age appropriate book recommendations, advice on reading aloud, competitions and more. There is also ‘The Big Book Club’ with cool book selections, author biographies and give aways, that one’s aimed at adults.

Miss Mimi’s favourite part of our new favourite site is the e-books and having read ‘The Terrible Plop” here at home repeatedly, she was intrigued that someone else was reading the book to her online. We read all 3 e-books one after the other and have now fallen in love with Cathy and we adore the ‘special version’ as Cathy not only reads the story beautifully but improvises and chats about the pictures on the page.

As Miss Mimi’s dad is Chinese, I jumped at the chance of having her listen to ‘The Terrible Plop’ in Cantonese. There are 7 different languages to listen to!

On this cold Melbourne morning we have enjoyed snuggling up on the couch and reading aloud in a different way. Hope you guys enjoy the site too.


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