We are searching for play.learn.love’s ‘Ultimate Catalogue Party Queen’

Yes, it’s a challenge. A challenge that will help parents to encourage children to get crazy about learning. A challenge for the mums out there who really want some free books and games from The Learning Ladder but just can’t find the time to host a party. I set you this challenge, a challenge with no pressure, just  free stuff!

When you’re having a coffee with the girls next, show them a Learning Ladder catalogue (I will organise a pack for you), when they see a book or a game that they feel would be an awesome addition to their children’s home learning library – fill in the outside order form and take their payment. When you add up all the outside order forms, give yourself 15% of that total in free product! For eg: $300 in sales gets you $45.00 of freebies, anything you like, from the catalogue. Want more freebies? Take the catalogues to your neighbours, your mother in law, your sister and your hairdresser and drum up a couple more sales.

The superstar with the most sales will become  ‘play.learn.love’s’ “Ultimate Catalogue Party Queen” but if you’re not overly excited with that, how about I throw in your very own Zingo! It’s our favourite game and it’s worth $36.50*

The game is so much cooler than the title you’ll be crowned so I promise I wont make you wear the sash and tiara while you’re playing it.

Zingo Bingo Game

Zingo! Is a fast, fun matching game for 2-8 players. It’s great for pre-readers and early readers alike since it uses both pictures and words. Playing Zingo! will help build learning and social skills in image & word recognition, concentration & memory, fine motor skills, ability to follow instructions, and concepts of winning and losing.

*This offer is exclusive to Independent Advisor, Jade Lam and expires 30/06/10

All orders must be finalised by midnight 30/06/10. Offer only available within Australia.


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