Playdough Fossils

Playdough is still the bee’s knees in our house this week and when Miss Mimi asked me to pull it out of the fridge again this afternoon I automatically set her up with the playdough cooking utensils. I was quickly told that those simply would not be appropriate for what she had in mind, so I pulled back and left her to it.

Awhile later I was asked to return “Look Mummy! A dinosaur footprint” Miss Mimi announced.

I was actually a little surprised that she had taken it upon herself to check out what a dino footprint might look like and I casually stated that it looked like her job today was that of an archaeologist …one blank look from her and a very simple Β “Archaeologists sift through sand and dirt to find old bones and fossils” from me. “Fossils?” asked Miss Mimi and away we went with our conversation on the new subject.

Because it’s all just about talking, isn’t it? Yesterday Miss Mimi had no idea what a fossil was and today she does, I didn’t need to “teach” her, Β just chat about an interest already there.

We hid dinosaurs inside playdough and pretended to dig out bones very, very carefully and Miss Mimi discovered all kinds of different footprints her dinosaurs could leave behind. What fun! And I was able to leave her and make a few business phone calls while she happily played (that perfect kind of play!)

What did you teach talk about today?

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8 thoughts on “Playdough Fossils

  1. So much fun! not long ago we made playdough dinosaur eggs the kids had so much fun finding the little dinosaurs inside the eggs. I will have to pull out the playdough and dinosaurs again soon so they can make dinosaur tracks πŸ™‚

  2. THAT’S where I saw the dino egg game with playdough!! I couldn’t remember where. It was a perfect next step hiding the dino’s in there today, I will have to do a playdough dino egg for her tomorrow. Thanks for the idea πŸ™‚

  3. Everyone is having such fun with play dough and every day objects! Next time I am leaving the ice cream and spaghetti maker in the box and see what else we can find to play with!

  4. Smart Miss Mimi. Look like I’ll be dropping by here more often for fun learning and play ideas as our little one gets a bit older.

  5. Isn’t it amazing what children can learn when they are engaged in play (and we take the time to engage with them)! What a perfect blend of interaction and freedom. πŸ™‚

    My children love play-doh. A few weeks ago we posted play-doh sea creatures at childhood101: We play.

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