Playing Playdough Eggs

After four weeks of successfully avoiding every cold, flu and vomit that Miss Mimi had contracted, my little germ factory has finally passed on her sore throat and an impressive cough to match. I have been forced to slow down somewhat and as it is raining today we are rather grateful to be inside. As with every rainy day, Miss Mimi got the playdough urge. We make our own playdough with this easy peasy recipe from Belinda’s blog.

We started off just making some random things, I was most impressed with my Penguin Snowman and Miss Mimi had a strict egg theme going on.

It was interesting though when I started to question her about eggs, her actual knowledge of the subject was better than I thought. She knew that chickens laid eggs for us to eat and thought that the chickens may have left them at the supermarket for us to buy (which lead to some funny “how do you think the chickens got their eggs to the market?” questions and a few giggles) She knew that in some eggs hid a baby chick and that they pecked their way out with their beaks and may I just say that the chick pecking imitation she did was somewhat hilarious. She knew that the word for the chick’s arrival into our world was “hatching”

She decided to cook some eggs that didn’t house baby chicks (you apparently can find this out by shaking the egg and looking through the shell with x-ray vision!) After popping the empties in her oven she then thought we could make a nest for the other eggs and wait for them to hatch. So we are now waiting for some imaginary feathered friends to grace our presence.

And just when you think children might stay on a subject for longer than 15 minutes, Miss Mimi decided that she would like a sheep to come and live with us and threw a hissy fit when I explained that we didn’t even have any grass for the poor guest to eat! Ah, the joys of sickly, clingy children. One minute things are grand, the next their world has fallen apart…or is that just all part and parcel of being 3?

If you are struggling with a sick child or two as well, may I suggest investing in a heap of red dot stickers or making your own playdough? These work a treat in our house.


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