I Love You! About 2 Minutes Worth

For a few nights in a row this week, Miss Mimi has fallen asleep in our bed and then an hour or so later The Daddy carries her lovingly down the stairs to her bed where she sleeps for the rest of the night. Miss Mimi is asleep next to me right now and although I am aware that it may become a problem the night I say she needs to fall asleep in her own bed, I seem not to care.

After a few days jam packed with running errands, talking to customers on the phone, 3 year old kinder and catching up with friends, I have really enjoyed both of us slowing down and spending some one on one quality time at the end of our day. No rushing, just cuddling and chatting.

It’s always fun to hear how she recounts her day and her excitement in telling me things that are very important to her. Tonight she said “Do you know how much my love you Mummy?”  “No, how much?” I asked with a smile.”TWO MINUTES!” she said, holding up five fingers on each hand spread wide apart. Then we got the giggles.

I listen to my sleeping daughter next to me breathing softly and I shake my head in wonder at how on earth (with the help of The Daddy of course) did I make this wonderful little person? With some appreciated divine intervention to help us get it so perfectly right, we literally made her. Hands so delicate and soft, lips so pink and full, a temper to be amazed at and a stubbornness to frustrate a saint. My little girl, whose humour digs me out of any emotional hole. My little girl who will always be mine. I am eternally grateful for her; she makes me a better person. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her influence.

If you tried to sum up some of those feelings you have for your child by using only one word, what might it be?

Mine might be “captivated”.

Yes, captivated is spot on.


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