Let’s Party in May and June

We all know that children learn through play. And we all know that reading aloud to our children from birth has so many proven benefits that, as parents, we clamber to find beautiful new stories to read to our little ones every chance we get. There is nothing new to be found in what I am saying.

Unless, you haven’t read the fine print…

Reading aloud to our children helps them to recognise the rhythm, intonations and sentence structure of our language long before they start reading for themselves. It helps to boost imagination, creativity and even empathy when we read stories full of fun and magic, drama and loss. It’s also a special bonding time for you and your children, certainly that one on one time is what our children crave. And did you know that children who are read to more than 3 times a week prove to have longer attention spans and are better able to concentrate when they get to school? Pretty cool yeah?

I am just a mum who is passionate about the benefits of reading to our children. I am also very passionate about letting our kids just be kids, enjoying their childhood with outdoor experiences and lots of open ended creative play. Playing at a park where other children play is an eye opening social lesson that helps Miss Mimi to understand rules about taking turns and vocalising her needs and wants. Board games with friends and family help Miss Mimi to build resilience when it comes to losing. It’s not easy for our youngsters to learn these kinds of social rules and considering there is quite a few more years of egocentrics to be endured, I am glad I have learnt a little bit about her development now, so as to be aware of what is yet to come.

The Learning Ladder have products that may suit your family. I would love to show you what is popular in our home and to play some games with the girls, maybe have a glass of wine and shop in the comfort of your own home. I would also love to meet other women with a likewise passion, that may be looking to do what I do. I want to show you how rewarding it has been for me. Anywhere in Australia, we need more advisors to help more parents.

As a special incentive to my blog land friends; I am offering a free Dr Miriam Stoppard book “Amazing Colours” to any one who books in a presentation with me in May or June. A great way to build on your own home learning library. We have beautiful books, games, toys and puzzles for newborns to ages 15 and wonderful parent books too. You also get up to 20% in total sales to spend on free books and games.

Visit the online catalogue here.

Email me: jade@donnielam.com if you are in Victoria and would like to host an informative Learning Ladder get together for a free Amazing Colours book and to earn more.

See here for another mum’s thoughts on our products.

So let’s party and help instil a love of learning in our kids while we are at it!


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