I Ran Out of Ideas…My Daughter Saved the Day!

Miss Mimi and I had set up her train track and had outplayed just about every idea I could think of and just when I thought I would have to jump online for some inspiration, my daughter showed how her imagination and creativity has grown to amazing new heights.

Miss Mimi told me that all her friends would line up around the track (lining up being one of the more popular things to do with our time)

Then she decided that they would all get to have some birthday cake. There was lots of singing Happy Birthday to dinosaurs, Little People and animals.

Then Miss Mimi came up with a really  fun game. Sid would play football! The two lines of friends either side were the goals and we had two Sids, one each, trying to “kick” the golf ball through each other’s goals.

Until my 3 year old took over, as they do! It was fun for me to play while it lasted and Miss Mimi practiced hand eye coordination as well as coming up with the funniest commentary.

Sometimes, I think, it’s nice to see what play ideas our children might come up with all on their own. And if you both get stuck head over to our weekly link up here.


9 thoughts on “I Ran Out of Ideas…My Daughter Saved the Day!

  1. Love this reminder. It’s easy for us as adults to get too caught up in normal, rules-based play. If we let our kids be in charge of their own playtime (as they should be), we would probably be surprised and amazed by their creativity.

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