We Play: Bubbles

It was simply just meant to be, Miss Mimi playing bubbles today. She had asked me this morning if she could play bubbles but we seemed to have run out. Yes, I could have made some homemade bubble liquid fun but I was in work mode and she was due at kinder. I promised her bubbles another day.

Don’t you just love how the universe provides? Little Annie at kinder celebrated her birthday today and her mum brought in some take home bubbles for all the children (in lieu of a birthday cake as some children, including mine, have allergies.)

As it is a stunning day in Melbourne, albeit rather windy, we took to chasing bubbles around in the driveway for some simple and magical fun. It’s hard work to blow and chase bubbles in the wind, but we managed to giggle for twenty minutes or so. Have a bubbly day!

Come over and play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up!


13 thoughts on “We Play: Bubbles

  1. Yep, love bubbles – such a classic, and wonderfully for encouraging early language development too!

  2. There is something just so lovely about bubbles and working with a speech pathologist recently made me aware of how important blowing is to exercise the muscles in the mouth that help us make speech sounds.

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