I’m Like a Child…Again

My mother is constantly telling me to leave Miss Mimi’s new books and toys alone “You get more excited than her. Share!” she says. It’s true. I love to gloss over the story quickly when she gets a new picture book and I like to check out how new games and toys work before I hand them over. There is a fine line between the excuse of censor caution and my childish love of all things fun.

Well, yesterday no amount of adult will or discipline could have stopped me from becoming excited about what I had found for Miss Mimi and I to play with. Yesterday whilst at One Market in Wiliamstown with my independent Learning Ladder stall, I met Gary from Bentsticks. I had heard comments of his wooden works during the busy afternoon and by the end of the day I finally had time to look around so took a stroll to check out his work.

What I saw took my breath away. Instantly I fell into a wondrous world of little girls and make believe, where faeries came out to play and gnomes playfully hid behind the doors above. Pixies were dancing. Little chairs and tables carved out of the most beautiful wood were occupied with friends of the forest and when Gary spoke I could barely pull myself away from his treasures. I didn’t have enough money on me to buy what I wanted which was the Gnome Home (below) so I started my Bentsticks collection with a toothpaste squeezer. A wooden like peg that helps to squeeze anything out of tubes easily, from toothpaste to paints. It has a very cute gumnut with a face on it and I knew Miss Mimi would love the challenge of using all her fine motor skills to manipulate it. Gary uses mostly fallen Eucalyptus Gumtree branches to create his art and the Steiner Schools love him.

I would show you a photo of my toothpaste squeezer but do you know what I did? I paid for it and then just kept staring in wonder at Gary’s crafts. Then and I waved goodbye forgetting to take my buy! That’s how in awe I was. Gary is posting it to me…addressed to Little Miss Daydreamer I am sure.

The gnome home.

The Magical Fantasy Tree…wow!


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