I’m inspired which means my daughter is excited!

After linking up with the very clever Christie over at Childhood101 yesterday to share some great play ideas with other blog mummies, my daughter told me she wanted to play outside with her water table. Now, in the spirit of open ended free play, normally I would have jumped at the chance but Melbourne has turned an icy cold almost overnight and I don’t want to go out there and turn my delicate little hands into icicles thank you. I suspect Miss Mimi would not have cared. So instead, at 3 o’clock on a rainy, dull Mebourne afternoon I ran her a warm bath and she taught her dinosuars how to swim. I bathed her early and she had her water fun. I am a genius!

Inspired by checking out what other fabulous mums are doing with their little people I pulled out some dry pasta and some wool and Miss Mimi set to work making herself a “Noodle Necklace” I set this up for her and raced off to cook dinner, because I can’t play all day you know.

I do love a good look of concentration on a child’s face!

After finishing that gorgeous piece of costume jewellery, Miss Mimi took it upon herself to roll out long pieces of wool and “fish with them”. As our house is rather messy by late afternoon, (yeah, shocking..yours too?) she kept “catching” lots of things around the lounge room. She was absolutely delighted when she hooked herself a dinosaur and the look of surprise on her face was priceless!

Then just when I thought the play couldn’t possibly go any further, Miss Mimi brings me a bucket with her catch of the day. This game went on for awhile and I was starting to get a little bit jealous that I was stuck in the kitchen. But there you have it..one mother gets inspired and one child reaps the benefits. A fun afternoon twas ours, hope yours has been too!


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