Something that Miss Mimi really enjoys playing with are her blocks. She likes to make a city out of them, which as you can see below has some seriously wobbly architecture.

There are castles and towers in her city and cars driving through the streets. Most often her play involves dinosaurs. Sometimes small toy dinosaurs, sometimes giant imaginary dinosaurs. These big friendly dinosaurs are quite mischievous as they will often push her over and they are cheeky enough to knock down her city when no one is looking. This play results in many bandaids for pretend bruises and lots of giggles. I love to hear the conversations she has while playing this game.

Mimi also has an imaginary friend called Sherri. Sherri is Mimi’s hand. Her left foot has been named Togga. Yes, you read correctly. My imaginative little cherub has named her limbs and she provides their voices while holding 2 way conversations in lots of her play. It’s very cute and not one little bit worrying…I think.

For more great play ideas..


9 thoughts on “Play

  1. Yes, love the imagination. My daughter is just getting into imaginative play now. She comes up with ideas that would never occur to me. I love it!

  2. Construction has to be one of my favourite places to situate myself when I am observing. There is just so many ideas that the children can come up with! Great post!

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