You’re sick but your child isn’t…

As I sit here nursing a vicious cold that has surely picked on me because of my last post, I am wondering…have I jinxed myself? I can’t help but feel I may have attracted it somehow.

Determined to beat it naturally, I said yesterday, into thin air..”Well, Mr Common Cold, give it your best shot because I am armed with silver colloid and olive leaf extract. I have also immersed myself in essential oils, I have prepared ginger and fresh parsley tea and I will be sleeping with the steam vaporiser on!” And yes, I did do all of that.

Then I got up this morning did it all again and sighed. I went to my medicine cabinet and took out some cold and flu tablets. I took two. Why? Because I have a 3 year old daughter that wont stop just because I am sick. I have to soldier on as the song goes.

But I am so glad that my daughter is at an age where I can set up an activity that she can then go off and amuse herself with some open ended play. Dolls in beds and train tracks with cows getting stuck on the tracks. It’s also nice that we can play together, things like “Shop Keepers” with Miss Mimi near the couch with her cash register and me, the customer, lazily lying down and purchasing groceries from the couch. “Play School” was good for awhile then I was getting the “play with me” eyes. So, out came Zingo.

This is our favourite board game at the moment. It is aimed at ages 4 plus but Mimi has loved this from 2 and a half years of age. It involves calling out different pictures on tiles that randomly pop out of a sliding mechanism (I have no proper name for this mechanism, sorry) and then matching them to that same picture on your own playing board. A shoe tile comes up (out of the no-name mechanism)? And you have got a shoe on your board? Yell it out..SHOE!! You then get that tile. Once your board is covered in animal and other object tiles, you win, so yell out ZINGO! It’s fun and it’s fast and it’s great for helping children start to learn some difficult first social skills. Things like taking turns, realising you have to follow rules and understanding that you don’t always win and that you can bounce back from a loss. A fun way to build resilience gently, expand attention spans and spend time together having a giggle. Throw in strengthening your children’s memory recall and you have a fabulous “learn while having fun” game.

Particularly useful to have around on a sick day. And for that I say..phew!


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