Finding the gap.

My expenses far outweighed my income for a long time. The gap between the two was big enough to be a problem, but not big enough for me to overcome my fear of leaving Mimi in childcare, to go back to work full time.  Living simply and on a budget really wasn’t the main problem. My heart craved to take my daughter on great, though humble holidays. I wanted to be able to show Mimi interesting sights, different cities and walk a hundred different beaches. That was my gap. Those extra luxuries that I couldn’t grasp financially, I just couldn’t jump over it to reach the other side.

But now that I have started my own part time business, travelling is a goal that has jumped from my wish list to my goal list. By June my travel goal is to take my family away for a weekend in Apollo Bay. A small goal. But one worthy of celebration for me once it is reached.

I wonder what you gap is? Maybe you want to be able to help pay off some extra bills and to feel empowered by contributing?Maybe it’s time for your dream car, or those renovations that have been patiently waiting? Travel, contribution and feeling the confidence that comes from something that you have done on your own are all important, certainly to me. What is important to you? I would love to hear about it. Close your eyes and ask yourself, if I could change anything in my life, what would I change right now?

Have you ever thought that a part time business could help you to reduce many, many thousands of dollars in interest on your mortgage? A small business that cost you a couple of hundred dollars to start, would help your family in ways that only you dream of. We all have things we want, we just have to want it enough to make it happen.

Where is the risk? There isn’t any.

Really, in a world full of potential, the sky is the limit in direct selling. The Learning Ladder is just one company that could help you close that gap. I could help you to see the potential in your own small business and help you to achieve those goals. Easy, yes? It certainly was for me.


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