What can music teach your child?

There is much to be said on how children who are exposed to all kinds of music are being helped to develop their listening and language skills. It is said that toddlers all over the world who are shakin’ it up on the home dance floor are blissfully unaware that they are developing their coordination skills. They are also employing both sides of their brain, not only to move to the music but to listen to the music at the same time.

Children can learn about emotions and moods through music too. Ever listened to a really sad song and suddenly burst into tears? Perhaps you thought you could take on the boss after listening to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”? Or maybe you privately blared The Prodigy just before you walked down the aisle to overcome those pre wedding nerves? Ok..well, maybe that’s just me.

Music can teach our children the difference between loud and soft and fast and slow. They notice sequencing, develop memory recall and become familiar with different sounds and patterns. All this while we sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or rock out to Justine Clarke or Sesame Street…which is all very fine and good, but do you know what I like? I like cranking up “Fishies” by The Cat Empire http://www.thecatempire.com and dancing around the house with my daughter. We laugh and we are silly. We are building warm, strong memories and how amazing is it that she is learning so much? All while I am practicing my nightclub moves that haven’t been seen by anyone in a very long time.

It’s got a lot to do with with having a good time, a little bit to do with learning but mostly it’s all about the love. Take a moment this week to twirl and to jiggle. And enjoy.


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