The Learning Ladder and I

I joined The Learning Ladder because my little girl has asthma. It’s that awful kind of asthma, the kind that makes you want to move closer to the RCH because of the amount of time it would save you travelling back and forth from home to hospital. I absolutely did not want to go back to full time work where I would be forced to put her into childcare and hold my breath waiting for yet another cold to trigger a call to the ambo’s. But I needed cash and I needed my own identity to make some sort of a come back before I suffocated in nappies and Teletubbies and Macca Pacca’s

Direct selling or “party plan” was the obvious choice. But which one? Where to start?
Well I knew I loved books, always had done and that love seemed to be overflowing beautifully onto my daughter. I had been to a LL get together a year before and thought, why not? Let’s give it a go…if it all goes pear shaped?…well I have an awesome $1,100 home learning library that only cost me a mere $299.

Yep, that was all it cost to start my own successful business. A business of offering other mums tools and ideas to help their children with learning. To help children develop to their full potential. I started doing get togethers where I was paid to demonstrate products, drink wine and laugh. I got out of the house a couple of nights a week and my name badge said “Jade” not Mummy or Wife.

I started to build my own team and offer other mothers the chance to stay at home with their precious little people, while working the hours they chose and to be their own boss. We are all saving money  because our job allows us to fit work in around life, meaning no childcare is necessary. I earned $1,300 in free books in my first 3 months, scored jewellery for meeting challenges, won prizes and met amazing women who supported, trained and inspired me from day 1. I can earn a free trip this year to Argentina for International Conference, you do have to work when you get there..for 3 hours! No I am not joking. 7 nights of someone else cooking my dinner? What?? And you say I don’t even have to wash my own dishes? Bliss.

So 7 months later…why am I still here? I’m not going back to getting up at stupid o’clock, getting stuck in traffic, making money for someone else, racing home and starting house work. No thanks. My daughter and I play, laugh and explore all day. We attend 3 year old kinder together and meet up with friends for lunch. Her Dad or grandparents watch her while I attend get togethers..are you jealous yet?

Don’t be, you can do this too! We need more fabulous women (and men) who are ready to change their lives….just ask me how to start.


3 thoughts on “The Learning Ladder and I

  1. Hi Jade,
    love your story….and I too love being able to work the hours I want to work, and still make great money!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to pop in and have a read ladies.
    Sue, thank you for the inspiration to finally start my blog.
    and Jen, thank you for your patience, your wisdom and your friendship xx

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